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Skin Care - Beautrio Whitening Cleanser


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Category: Health

Skin Care - Beautrio Whitening Cleanser
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Posted at 28 Nov 2010 7:46 pm
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Beautrio Whitening Cleanser

Washes away age and dust, returning to purity, resembling the budding white lotus.

The Beautrio Whitening Cleanser contains a 
mild amino acid surfactant which can cleanse deeply into pores, leaving skin clean and bright. The active ingredients of the Tricholoma matsutake inhibit the synthesis pathway of melanin competitively by adjusting the melanin generation process. Carthamus tinctorius flower (Safflower) extract can improve microcirculation of skin, thus enhancing skin vitality.

It produces smooth and silky lather, leaving skin soft and moisturized after washing. 

alt Specific Benefits alt
  • Gently removes oils and dirt on face whilst cleansing deeply into pores;

  • Helps even skin tone, making skin clear and bright;

  • The tiny and silky lather leaves the skin soft and tender and not tight after washing.


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