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Which debit card is the best in Malaysia?

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Which debit card is the best in Malaysia?
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Posted at 18 Apr 2009 6:50 pm
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May i know which debit card or so called payment card is the best in Malaysia? Now i own public bank debit card and Alliance debit but feel like not much priviledge...hope can help me pls
Comment posted at 18 Apr 2009 7:44 pm#1
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Well! I'm using Maybank debit and I find that there are many priviledge...and is also accepted wordwide.Smile

Comment posted at 19 Apr 2009 6:43 am#2
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the best debit card in Malaysia is.....

Public Bank Visa Electron Debit Card


  • Global Welcome
    It's accepted at merchant outlets worldwide, wherever the Visa logo is displayed.
  • Cash Access
    If you need cash when travelling abroad, it gives you instant access to cash from any Visa/PLUS ATM worldwide. It also works as an ATM card and you can make over-the-counter withdrawals at any Public Bank branch when you're at home.
  • Cash MegaBonus
    Be rewarded each time you spend! You'll enjoy a Cash MegaBonus of 0.5% for every ringgit charged to the Card.
  • Interest-Earning
    We even pay monthly interest on your credit balance. Please check with our Customer Service for latest interest rates applicable.
  • Monthly Statement
    We'll send you a monthly statement so that you can keep track of how you've spent your money.
  • Overseas Assistance
    If you need assistance when travelling, just approach any Visa-issuing bank or call the local Visa toll-free number.
  • Limited Exposure
    For your security, you can have a separate Card Account that's not linked to your savings or current account so the bulk of your savings will not be affected should your Card be lost or stolen.
  • Automatic Sweep
    This service automatically transfers funds from your account to your Card when necessary, making shopping more convenient.


For further information, download this document:



There are two ways to apply for the card:
- online application
- go to the nearest Public Bank branch (the best option)

You can apply this card without a Public Bank Account. You can choose whether to receive your debit cards at home or collect them at AmBank branch or PB Card Services.


Once you receive your card after about one month, you need to deposit RM25.00 in order to activate the card.


This is when having the Public Bank Account become handy because you can transfer the money using ATM or online banking (you need to activate it first at any Public Bank ATM).

Public Bank Customer Service: -

1-800-88-3318 (Customer Services Department)


For further information, download this document:

For more details, visit any of the Public Bank branches
or call PB Customer Service at 03-2176 8000.

Alternatively, you may want to consider...

Tune Money Debit Card


Fancy a credit card but don't have the salary to get one? 

Look no further, its time to tune-up your money with Tune Cards from Tune Money.com 

By nature, I'm not a big spender and always calculative in my spending.

But once in a while I feel frustrated due to the fact that there are certain limitations as to "how I can buy" things, namely online buying, which often require credit cards, which by the way quite impossible for me to apply since I just started working.

Sure there are PayPal or maybank2u but there are still limitations as to which sites accept those modes of payment. I also don't want to exceed my budget, a common problem among credit card holders.

Now, I have found a solution, the Tune Card from Tune Money.com.


What is a Tune Card?

There are 2 types , The Tune Card (for adults above 18) and the Red Card (minors between 15-17) Basically both are almost the same apart from the fact that only parents can apply the Red Card for their children.

To put things simply, it's the cross between a debit card and a credit card. You can also call it a prepaid VISA card. Basically the card can be used like a VISA credit card, but minus the credit.

You will have to top up an amount of money into the card via your online account or selected post offices and you can only spend the amount thay you have topped up into you account.  It can be used anywhere that accepts VISA credit cards (including overseas) and also ATM machine that has the VISA Plus symbol. Of course, it also has PIN number protection to only allow the holder to use the card.



  • 99.999% application approval rate (unless you work as a casino owner or a Junket Operator) 
  • No minimum salary or employer confirmation whatsoever
  • instant approval (apply online) 
  • A good substitute for the credit card 
  • don't need to bring cash along.
  • Unlike an e-cash card, the amount of money is not stored in the card, but in your online account, so if the card gets stolen, you won't lose the money.
  • good for online transactions with only 0.5% markup on currency exchanges.
  • Reward points 
  • Unlike credit cards, it reduces the tendency to overspend.



  • In certain situations there will be an "authorization hold" imposed. For example, if you want to pay for petrol at a pump, you will need to have minimum RM160 in your account to start filling up. This will act as a deposit for the petrol. after you filled up, the balance will be credited in your account a few days later. But this can be avoided by paying at the counter.
  • You will need to have at least RM10 at all times in your account to use the card 
  • Yearly fee of RM9.99(as if that is so much?) 
  • Each topup will be charged RM2 unless done online (RM0.50) 
  • Quite high ATM withdrawal rate (RM1.15 per transaction for CIMB and RM10 per transaction for other banks)

 Who should get a Tune Card?

- Those who are always on a strict budget don't like to have debts
- Those that can't afford to have a credit card (haven't been working long enough or not enough salary etc)
-  Those who do a lot of transactions online.
-  Parents, to ease control of their school childrens budget.

For more information log on to www.tunemoney.com

Comment posted at 19 Apr 2009 8:05 am#3
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ya..i own public bank debit card, i oso applied supplementary card for my mom and auntie...Yes, u r right, public principal debit card will charge rm25 for the annual fees while sup card is about rm8-9( i forgot d)...but this can be reduced if u hit the certain level of total spending amount in a year ...

To dennis cheah: is maybank visa debit card considered as actual debit card? coz last time this card cannot be used for online transaction and it did not have debit card feature..Instead, it is more like ATM card
Comment posted at 21 Apr 2009 9:13 am#4
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Im using maybank debit card.. I use before in Thailand because is visa debit card. I use to buy thing online too...How come u cannot ar Code basic. you have to go maybank and ask  to see weather is ur card problem or their system problem.
Comment posted at 21 Apr 2009 10:57 pm#5
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hmm..i still remember i applied this card was on april 2008 and the bank officer said that it could not be used for any online payment at that moment. And need to wait till mid of the year, then only can have the actual debit card features...but till June08, still dun have any action, so i quit using it.
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